4/17/2014 - Please Note: The Fund Office is currently experiencing issues with the phone lines, but we are working diligently to resolve the issue.

We are still available to answer your inquiry via email.

Participants can email inquiries to: benefitservices@carpenterfunds.com

Employers can email inquiries to: employerservices@carpenterfunds.com

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Frequently Asked General Questions
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Frequently Asked Health & Welfare Questions
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My dependent is a full time student, are they covered?
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Frequently Asked Retirement Benefit Questions
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How do I withdraw my Annuity monies?
How does the 401(k) Plan work?
How do I withdraw or rollover the monies in my Northern California Carpenters 401(k) account?

Frequently Asked Vacation Fund Question
How do I apply for an early withdrawal of my funds?
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